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Monotype XV Ice Yacht

North Sails Sweden has been involved in making fast sails for the Monotype XV Ice Yacht for several years. Being one of the world top players in DN Ice boat has gained us a large amount of experience in the speed and performance of Ice sailing. For many years we have had three models for different wind and ice conditions.

XV deck SWE 29

Mainsail (U1)

In 2009 we developed the U1 for Bernhard Rost, who is sheeting from the back of the boom and not at the middle. This sail has a more open twist profile but is still powerful. You have to work more with the sheet but the sail has a wider range and it’s replacing both the older Light and medium designs.

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XV shape SWE 29

Mainsail (U2)

In 2010 we took this idea even further and with North Sails unique Radian Dacron cloth we developed the U2 Radial. This sail has a lot of power in the lower sections, a lot more draft forward but still opens easily in the upper part. The roach profile is changed which has greatly improved the twist characteristic. The sail is very fast accelerating but still reaches amazingly high top speed performance as well. wind.

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