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Photo Bob Bateman

Photo Bob Bateman

National 18

North Sails Ireland have enjoyed a close relationship with the National 18 Class since 2004 when we built our first sails for the Crosshaven Fleet.  Since then our sails have powered the winners in all of the top class events over the years including the latest regattas in 2016.

Towards the end of 2015 season we were invited to work with Colin Chapman and the local fleet in Cork to develop the new sail plan for the latest generation boats.  This was an exciting challenge as we had an opportunity to start with an almost blank canvas and develop the latest sails that we are seeing in the class today.

After many very cold days on the water and trialing at least two iterations of each sail type we settled on the new designs that have powered some of the fleet in 2016.  A new laminate square top mainsail, radial cut low clew jib and the super powerful 21 sqm spinnaker.  

It took a while for the class to adopt the new sail recommendations as they had to be passed at the AGM and a few last minute changes were made to the final product specs.  But finally in the May of 2016 we delivered a batch of 10 new suits and the face of the National 18 changed forever taking the sail plan out of the 70's and into the present day.

Of course we still build the old style sails for the older generation boats but I think once you have enjoyed a taste of the new machines it would be impossible to step back in time.

Photo Craig Macbeth

Mainsail (SML-2)

The Square Top Laminate Mainsail was developed over the winter of 2015 and Spring of 2016. The sail is built using our own unique NLXi 09 Laminate which is made exclusively for North Sails in our own cloth plant in the USA.  This Aramid laminate features a really soft Mylar and high fiber content making for a light weight but low stretch foil.  The sail comes complete and ready to race with all the features you would expect from a top quality racing sail.

Mainsail standard features:

  • Large vision windows
  • Spreader patches
  • Internal batten pockets & tell tales
  • Epoxy race battens
  • Leech line
  • Sail numbers
  • Long roll bag
For prices and more information contact our National 18 Experts or your

Photo Craig Macbeth

Jib (DJ-2)

The new DJ-2 Jib is also built using a cloth unique to North Sails. We use our own Radian Olympic 5.5oz Radial Dacron to offer the lowest stretch and longest lasting sail possible.  The battens are again built into the sail with internal pockets making for a really smooth construction.  As part of the development we built a laminate sail but it was deemed better for the class to have a more durable sail and we made the switch over to Dacron for the final version.  One of the changes in the jib was to lower the clew and make it sheet perfectly on the new boats track locations. 

This combined with a new radial layout and leech battens make for a really stable long lasting sail.

Jib standard features:

  • Vision windows
  • Tell tales
  • Zip Luff
  • Epoxy race battens
  • Internal batten pockets
  • Long roll bag
For prices and more information contact our National 18 Experts or your

Photo Craig Macbeth

Spinnaker (MX-1)

One of the challenges with the new boats and rigs was to decide the area of the new larger spinnaker for the class.  The old style sail was quite small and we built three spinnakers in the quest to find the correct area.  The final version ended up as 21sqm as a small compromise between power and ease of handling.  The maximum size possible for the rig geometry was 24sqm but this was deemed to be just too powerful when the breeze was up and the class finally settled for 21sqm. 

The North sail has been modeled on our existing S18-3 design, that had been winning in the class for the last few years.  This was scaled up to suit the new target area and then a small shape modification to suit the new aspect ratio of the sail.  The new MX1 design has proven to be a great all round sail. We use Contender Dynakote 75 for this sail as its Silicon coated properties cope the best with the spinnaker chute and also shaking off the water.

Spinnaker standard features:

  • One or two take down patches (owner preference)
  • Sail numbers
  • Drawstring bag
  • Colour coded tapes
  • Choice of colours
    For prices and more information contact our National 18 Experts or your


 National 18 Batten Set

Mainsail Epoxy Set

Sail Numbers & Letters

300mm (12”) Sail Letters & Numbers
£1.86 each
€2.23 each

Please contact your local North Loft or Agent to make your order or for further details.

Contact the National 18 Experts:
Nigel Young
+353 872514434 Mobile
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