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© North SailsIn 1992, North Sails introduced 3DL®, a revolutionary sailmaking technology that thermo-molds sails as a unitary membrane on a full-sized 3-dimensional mold. Compared to a traditional sail assembled from panels of flat sailcloth, a 3DL sail stretches less for its weight, holds its shape over a wider wind range and retains its designed shape longer. Since its introduction, 3DL has dominated Grand Prix sailboat racing worldwide.

3DL sails were used exclusively by every single team in the 2002-03 America's Cup event and on 11 of 12 America's Cup teams in the 2007 Cup in Valencia, Spain. Every team racing in both the 2002-2003 and 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race also used North 3DL sails. North 3DL sails are available in Aramid, Carbon or any combination thereof and can be ordered with North TF taffeta films on one or both sides. There’s a North 3DL style that's right for any boat and budget.