Shustoke Gauntlet 1
Bough Beech 1,2
Staunton Harold 1


Staunton Harold Open 2
Shustoke Gauntlet 1
Sprint Championship 1
Chew Valley Open 1
Southern Champs 1
Inlands 1
Castle Cove SC Open 1,3


Oxford Blue 2
Welsh Champs 1,3
HISC Open 1
Carnac 2014 1,3
Inland Champs 1,2,3
Castle Cove July 1
Nationals 1,2
Southern Champs 1,3
Notts County Open 1
Overall Silver Series 1,2
2015 Silver Poole 1,3


Staunton Harold 1
Inland Champs
Lyme Regis
Northern Championship
WSC Regatta 1,3
National Champs 2,3
Notts Open Meeting 1
Draycote Dash 1 Scorp

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Mainsail (M-5K)

The M-5K Mainsail is built in full radial construction which distributes the load through the sail much more efficiently, which improves performance and longevity. The M-5K is manufactured from North Laminate Technora XI06, a new cloth from North Sails specifically designed for full radial construction.

Mainsail standard features:

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Camber stripes
  • Epoxy battens
  • Leech tell tales
  • Long roll bag
  • ISAF in house measurement
For prices and more information contact our Scorpion Experts or your

Jib (J-5)

The J-5 has been designed with a square top head to boost area and aid the twist profile allowing the head to open smoothly as the wind increases. It is built with radial construction in the head and clew and cross cut panels through the middle. This produces a very smooth and easy to use sail which copes better with the high loads in the corners than a traditional cross cut sail, allowing the sail to maintain it's racing shape for longer. It is manufactured from RSQ 4.55.

Jib standard features:

  • Vision window
  • Camber stripes
  • Flutter patches
  • Leech tell tales
  • Trim tell tales
  • Zip luff
  • Long roll bag
  • ISAF in house measurement
For prices and more information contact our Scorpion Experts or your

Photo: Notts County SC / David Eberlin
Spinnaker Layouts Available

Spinnaker (DS-4)

The bi radial DS-4 Spinnaker has been designed as an all rounder with lighter crews in mind, although also used very effectively by some heavier crews. Developed from the successful Fireball DS-5 it is shaped to keep heeling force to a minimum while projecting as much area as possible for maximum performance on the broad legs. It is manufactured from Dynakote 75.

Spinnaker standard features:

  • Sail numbers
  • Sail bag
  • ISAF in house measurement
  • Stock colours
  • 8% surcharge for custom layouts
For prices and more information contact our Scorpion Experts or your

Main Batten Set

300mm (12") Sail Numbers & Letters

Please contact us or your local North Loft or Agent for prices and to make your order.

Contact the Scorpion Experts:
Pete Mitchell
+44 (0)1329 443430
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