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DN Iceboat

At North Sails we have developed these sails to meet the latest trends in DN Iceboating, manufactured with the best design and components. The sails have radial reinforcement, big windows, high performance battens, insignia, sail number and several tell tails. We deliver the sails ready for hoisting, with the battens mounted and rolled in our luxury smart zipper bag.

Mainsail (B1-Z)

This is a flat sail that still has a wide range (compared to other flat sails). It’s designed with shape for maximum top speed and at the same time perfect downwind performance and acceleration. The best conditions for this sail is when the ice is fast.

  • Hard glass and dream ice. All wind conditions.
  • Hard ice with some traction, water or snow coverage. Medium and heavy wind.

Mainsail (FC-C)

When our Designers developed this sail, their goal was to make a medium sail which was better than the others available on the market. Their focus was to give this sail wider range than the popular American North Sails “FO-1”.

The new FC-C has all the power you need in acceleration at the start and after tacking. It also has an impressive top speed. Best used in medium conditions.

  • Hard ice with snow, snow drifts or water coverage. Light and medium wind.
  • Soft ice  with water, some snow coverage or snow drifts. Light and medium wind.
  • Sticky ice, some frozen snow. Medium and heavy wind.

Mainsail (R1-P)

This sail is specially designed for gaining height and speed in slow ice conditions. This is our most powerful sail, and will be needed when in sticky and tricky slow ice conditions. Especially suitable for heavy sailors.

  • Soft ice, with water, little snow coverage or snow drifts. Light and medium wind
  • Rough ice,  sticky conditions, soft spring/ slush ice, snow coverage, frozen snow. All wind.

Sail Numbers & Letters

300mm (12”) Sail Letters & Numbers
Price (Ex VAT & Delivery)
GBP £1.50 each
Euro € 1.70 each

Please contact your local North Loft or Agent to make your order or for further details.

Contact the DN Iceboat Experts:
Patrik Erlandson
+46 31 388 08 03 Work
+46 708 634 615 Mobile
Mike Marshall
(401) 965-0057 Work
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