Worlds 1*,2


Stokes Bay Open 1,2
UKTT Whitstable 1,2,3


Teignouse Cup Skiff Regatta 1
Stokes Bay Open
Nationals 1,3
Worlds 1
French Breizskiff Trophy 1


UK Nationals 1
UK Inlands 1,2,3


UK Nationals 1

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The following sails are our current recommended range. Older models not listed below are still available upon request.

Mainsail (LGM-8K) 

The LGM-8K is a full radial main manufactured from Kevlar ATX-2mil. This mainsail also comes in 3DL as detailed below.

Mainsail standard features:

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Epoxy battens
  • Spreader chafe patch
  • Leech line
  • Leech tell tales
  • Long roll bag
For prices and more information contact our B14 Experts or your

Mainsail (LGM-83DL) 

2013 World Champion

The LGM-83DL is manufactured from Kevlar 600MB. It is our our top of the range thermo molded 3DL sail which offers a stronger more durable sail with greater performance and longevity (more info. on 3DL can be found on our technology page).

  • Class insignia
  • Sail numbers
  • Epoxy battens
  • Spreader chafe patch
  • Leech line
  • Leech tell tales
  • Long roll bag
For prices and more information contact our B14 Experts or your

Jib (LJ-4D)

2013 World Champion

The bi-radial LJ-4D is manufactured from Dacron 4.46 Polykote. It is our all purpose jib and built to our championship winning design.

Jib standard features:

  • Epoxy battens
  • Zip luff
  • Leech line
  • Leech tell tales
  • Trim tell tales
  • Long roll bag
For prices and more information contact our B14 Experts or your

Asymmetric Spinnaker (SS-04)

2013 World Champion

The SS-04 is the famous Simkins design spinnaker. Designed for windward leeward racing, with extra projected luff which enables you to sail lower without loss of speed, ideal for championship racing. With it's full radial construction the sails cut from Dynakote 75, a silicone coated cloth, to help gybes and drops.

Spinnaker standard features:

  • Sail bag
  • Stock colours

For prices and more information contact our B14 Experts or your

This Tuning Guide has been prepared to help you get the best out of your North Sails.  This is meant as a starting point, feel free to modify and experiment in small steps to find what suits you best. If you find a Setting or Settings that really works, please keep us informed.

Mast Position

The aim of the B14 settings is to keep the lower ¼ of the mast as straight as possible. To achieve this you will need to move the mast foot as far forward as is possible, and use a small chock in front of the mast at the mast gate. The size of the chock will vary and you will need to set this by looking up the mast when it is tensioned and checking it is straight.

On The Water Tuning

Because the rig is very simple, there are not a lot of changes you can make while you are on the water. There are your normal sail controls, the jib tack height and the centre board.


As you start to become overpowered start to pull on the cunningham a little, as the breeze increases progressively pull on more.

Jib tack height

The jib tack height is the only control for the sheeting angle of the sail. Lowering the tack will increase the twist of the sail. If the conditions change you can alter the tack height between races, lowering the sail if the breeze increases and raising it if the breeze drops.

Centre Board

As with the jib, the centre board can only really be adjusted between races. If you feel the boat ‘tripping up’ over the board in breezy conditions raise it up.

As a guide:
15-20kts:    150mm (6”)
20kts+:       300mm (12”)


Tensions are found with Loos PT1-m rig tension gauge.
The spreaders are measured from a straight line between the shrouds to the back of the mast track, without rig tension. The holes are a bit of a course adjustment so you might not be able to exactly match these figures. If in doubt go slightly further forward on the lowers and slightly further back on the uppers, if possible try to keep the 2 sets of spreaders in line or the upper set slightly aft.

Good luck on the water!

Main Batten Set

300mm (12") Sail Numbers & Letters

Please contact us or your local North Loft or Agent for prices and to make your order.

Contact the B14 Experts:

Mark Barnes
+44 (0)7775421935 Mobile
+44 (0)1306 611498 Work
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