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The New Belcher 470 Mainsail Design

North Sails


The new 470 N14- L18 Mainsail has been developed with Mat Belcher and the North Sails Japanese design team. Its powerful depth in the head of the sail, gives an ideal twist for driving the boat to speed and for quick acceleration in planing conditions. Lower drag is created by the shape from the bottom to the middle which works for both speed and pointing performance under full power conditions, where you need to keep the boom completely at center.

Mat has expressed his enthusiasm for this design saying. "I am very fond of the N14 Mainsail, which was developed during our last two Olympic campaigns. It is very special to us, we used this sail to win 6 world titles and 2 Olympic medals. The sail is fast in all conditions and easy to trim, which has enabled us to focus on racing and has helped us get out of a lot of tight situations. I'm sure many teams will now enjoy sailing with this mainsail knowing it's one less variable to worry about in their boat performance."

Please contact our 470 Class Experts for further information.